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Affiliate Your Practice

Thinking about stepping away from your practice? Ascend Medical is here to partner with you as you look to enter the next phase of your career. Whether you’re looking to focus more on healthcare, integrate your practice, or retire, we have the resources to help you reach your career goals.

When you work with Ascend Medical, you join a practice of forward-thinking, world-class healthcare providers dedicated to democratizing and improving the healthcare experience through in-person home visits and accessible virtual telehealth.

A few services we provide through our affiliation program:

Administrative Support

We’ll handle billing, insurance, HR, and operational tasks to ensure more time spent is with patients and less time is spent on paperwork.

Focus on Healthcare

Most doctors enter the profession to help others in a deeply meaningful way and to empower people live their healthiest lives. And many quickly realize how the traditional healthcare model often gets in the way of providing quality care. With weekly clinicals and sabbaticals for providers, we invest in your well-being and growth as an individual and practitioner.

Technology Resources

Drive higher patient satisfaction with our safe, convenient Mobile Care Team and virtual telehealth. Our patient-first philosophy and leading technology allows you to dedicate more time to patients, make care more affordable and improve quality of care.

Peace of Mind

Know that you’re bringing your practice to a community of like-minded, exceptionally qualified individuals who are passionate about reimaging the way healthcare is delivered, giving patients the best possible healthcare experience.

Flexible Lifestyle Options

“Go to dinner, play that round of golf, spend time with family or head out of town for the week without worry. When you affiliate your practice with Ascend Medical our team of providers and medical professionals are there for your patients. Or if you choose to join Ascend Medical you’ll get to see patients and live the lifestyle you want.

Growth Opportunities

Global demand for virtual visits is growing rapidly. We do that and more. By affiliating with Ascend Medical your patients get in-person house calls, plus, 24/7 virtual telehealth. Join a team of experts who will help bring your practice up to speed to handle video visits, in-person house calls and mobile diagnostics, and on-demand healthcare options.