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Never Wait at the Doctor’s Office Again

If you’re like most people, you’ve had to work around your doctor’s schedule. Waiting for appointments, waiting around in waiting rooms and taking hours out of your day. The truth is, you deserve better and so do your children.

Ascend Medical reimagined primary healthcare, urgent care, pediatrics and mental health care, and put you first. No more driving, parking, waiting and stress to see a doctor. We come to you!

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Your health matters. It influences how you think and feel. It affects your relationships, your productivity – and it frames your outlook on life. When your health suffers, everything suffers.

We believe something this important shouldn’t be passively addressed or pushed out for an appointment. And it certainly shouldn’t be ignored. That’s why we have reimagined modern primary and urgent healthcare, pediatrics and mental health care with services that put you and your family first.

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    Speak with your Ascend doctor virtually

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    Ascend care team comes to you for any in-person needs

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With our mobile and virtual visits, and 24/7 on-call care for our members, you can see a doctor exactly where and when you want.

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We bill your insurance just like a traditional doctor’s office. The difference? We exceed the boundaries of traditional care. Ascend comes to you to offer care whenever and wherever you need it.


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