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Our Story

We empower you to lead your best life.

About Us

Ascend Medical first launched our revolutionary care model in 2020 to the metro Atlanta community. In the midst of a global pandemic, technology and industries around the world advanced and adapted. Quality primary care and pediatric care in the United States was falling behind. Telemedicine was readily available, but convenient, accessible and affordable in-person care was not. Ascend Medical sought to change this by combining telemedicine with our mobile care model, available for all ages.

Our offerings


  • High Quality Primary Care, Pediatric Care & Mental Health Care
  • 24/7 Call Access
  • Virtual Provider Visits On Any Connected Device
  • In-Person Home Visits
  • Vaccines
  • Chronic Condition & Pain Management
  • Diagnostic Testing & Bloodwork
  • Prescription Refills
  • Accept Most Major Insurance Plans

Our Mission

It’s our mission to provide patient-first accessible healthcare anytime, anywhere.

At Ascend Medical, we are committed to quality care above all. We follow the highest standards of care and offer the latest medical information and world-class care options for our patients, their families and our communities. We provide a safe, secure environment for our patients, partners and staff and have designed our virtual and in-person visits to be comfortable and family friendly. We’re committed to openness and transparency in all of our relationships, methods of care and successes. 

Our Beliefs

We believe

  • Nothing should get in the way of your health and wellbeing.
  • Healthcare should fit your needs, not your doctor’s schedule.
  • Evidence-based practices prioritize people over process.
  • Outcomes improve when medical services are personally coordinated.
  • Physicians and medical professionals are at their best when patients are at the center.

Our Values

We value

  • Employing Empathy
    • Understanding that patient wellbeing extends beyond a medical exam and encompasses every aspect of life.
  • Promoting Empowerment
    • Providing the necessary access, answers and support to help patients reach their health goals and aspirations.
  • Operating Proactively
    • Staying out in front of problems by guiding patients through complex processes.
  • Breaking Barriers
    • Rethinking and replacing inefficient patient care practices with innovative and effective solutions.
  • Prioritizing People
    • Ensuring people always feel welcomed, informed and uniquely cared for.

Community Outreach

Giving back to the communities we serve.

Our doctors and care team live in your neighborhoods and our services are designed to fit into your community’s needs.  Our healthcare model strengthens communities by providing better access to better care for everyone, from a flu vaccine event at your local church or a sports physical event for the high school football team to our Mobile Care Team pulling up in your driveway to do your bloodwork.  As part of your community, Ascend Medical helps create a solid foundation for thriving communities – one child, one teen, one parent at a time.

Mobile Care

Leading-Edge Care, In-Person At Your Home For All

Medical professionals used to come to your home to care for you and your family. That’s exactly what we do, because we believe ongoing, holistic care should be an integral part of your life. Our Mobile Care Team will meet you where you are – at home, in your office or anywhere around town – to bring you the highest quality comprehensive health care, right when you need it.

Mobile Care services include:

  • In-home labs
  • In-home immunizations
  • In-home radiology/x-rays

24/7 Virtual Telehealth

Our 24/7 virtual telehealth gives you peace of mind. Talking to your doctor and Care Team the moment you or your child develops symptoms. Having your Care Team check up on you following a procedure. Around-the-clock help managing your spouse’s chronic condition. With personalized Virtual Telehealth Care – any time of the day or night – you’ll understand what it means to have healthcare that revolves around you.

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