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Join a team that’s reinventing the way healthcare is done.

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Join a team that’s reinventing the way healthcare is done.

A Team that Cares

With Ascend Medical, you’ll be part of a team of caring and innovative professionals who are forging a new path in healthcare. Our leading-edge approach focuses on outcomes and results – not red tape and data points – to provide more patient-centered care than any other healthcare provider. We put people at the center of everything we do, working together to empower our patients – and our employees – to lead their best lives. Because we care about our employees’ wellbeing, we’re committed to helping you achieve a positive work-life balance and will encourage you to grow with our organization.


Growing Together

Here, entrepreneurs and creative minds can grow with the company and create something truly meaningful and rewarding. You’ll collaborate with teammates to offer a truly holistic approach that encompasses preventive care, lifestyle medicine and mental health.

Not least of all, you’ll be contributing to a healthcare model that strengthens communities by providing better access to better care for everyone.

Working with Ascend Medical vs Traditional Providers

Take a look at how we do things differently. And then ask yourself this: Isn’t this why you got into healthcare in the first place?

Ascend Medical

  • Building something innovative
  • Startup vibe
  • Flexibility and autonomy
  • Rewarding work and work-life balance
  • Competitive salary with no production incentives
  • Our providers are welcomed into patients’ lives and will get to know their entire families
  • Our providers take as much time as they want with appointments
  • You’ll be a proactive partner in ending the COVID-19 pandemic
  • Our Health Navigators handle the administrative work Providers conduct virtual care from anywhere – even your vacation home
  • Providers see great financial return and growth-related bonuses
  • You’ll be serving the community

Traditional Providers

  • Leadership hierarchy and private equity board
  • Long hours and imminent burnout
  • Salary contingent on production incentives
  • You’re pressured to treat patients like data points
  • You’re pressured to rush through appointments
  • Red tape and administrative duties weigh you down
  • You’re tied to a physical location
  • Heavy debt for independent practices and poor income-to-hours ratio
  • You’re serving a corporate enterprise


At Ascend Medical, we put people first, including our employees. We invest in your wellbeing and encourage you to take care of yourself. We don’t just offer an exceptional benefits package: We offer a game changer – for you and your family. And because we understand that to attract and retain the best talent, we offer:

  • Competitive compensation and benefits.
  • Insurance coverage – health, vision, and dental for full-time employees.
  • Generous time off to promote a positive work-life balance.
  • Malpractice insurance to make sure your practice is 100% covered.
  • An annual allowance for medical education.
  • Clinical rounds every week.
  • Virtual medical team coverage for in-office PCPs while they’re out.

Join a provider team that puts people first.

You got into medicine because you want to help people. But the healthcare juggernaut treats your profession as a production enterprise. Administrative duties interfere with your ability to provide care. You work long hours and are rushed through appointments so that there’s barely time to properly diagnose a patient, let alone get to know them and their families. And job satisfaction? That doesn’t even figure into the equation.

Unlike other providers, you’ll be invited into your patients’ homes to meet with them face to face, in a relaxed setting that enables you to give the type of personalized care you’ve always wanted for them. And through our Virtual Care option, you can stay up to the minute with their needs. You’ll find that when you’re able to take the time you need to give your patients the care they deserve, they in turn genuinely care about you.

And with no corporate rulebook to follow, you’ll enjoy tremendous autonomy – along with tremendous opportunity.

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