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Welcoming Dr. Trevino’s Patients

As a patient of Dr.  Trevino your annual membership is no cost to you.  It’s FREE!

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Two Legacies, One Future

Welcoming Dr. Trevino’s Patients

We are excited to announce that Dr. Trevino is joining Ascend Medical.  With Dr. Trevino and Ascend Medical coming together, you are now able to get all aspects of primary and urgent healthcare, pediatrics, and mental health therapy.

Hear from Dr. Trevino here

What Does this Mean?

Dr. Trevino and his care team now come to you – in-person healthcare to your home, work, or anywhere around town. Plus, 24/7 virtual telehealth and concierge service.


Is There a Membership?

Ascend Medical is membership based, but as a patient of Dr. Trevino’s, the annual membership is no cost to you. It’s FREE.

Dr. Trevino joining Ascend Medical creates the best patient experience in Austin, Texas. Your Health Concierge will be in touch shortly to welcome you to Ascend Medical!

Check out Dr. Trevino’s personal letter from below:

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Ascend Medical Health Concierge will call you shortly to welcome you to your membership

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Enjoy the Ascend Medical perks of in-person home care.  Plus, 24/7 virtual telehealth, concierge service and more.  Thank You for Supporting Ascend Medical!