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Empower your employees to live their best lives.

Looking out for your Employees

Your employees want to know that you’re looking out for them – that you care about their wellness and view their health as more than a statistic. With onsite Employee Healthcare Events, they’ll know you’ve made their wellbeing a top priority.


Get in touch to learn how Ascend Medical can support your organization.


The benefits of Ascend for Employers

Your employees health matters. It influences how they think and feel. It affects their relationships, their productivity – and it frames their outlook on life. When your employees health suffers, your business suffers.

  • Access to primary care, pediatric care, urgent care, and mental health care when and where your employees need it.
  • Dedicated account managers.
  • Seamless onboarding, we work with HR to onboard and educate your employees on our service offerings to make the most of their added benefit.
  • In-office events: coordinate a schedule of on-site clinical events that fit your organizations needs. Your employees don’t even have to leave the office to receive routine care, I.e. annual physical days, diagnostic testing (covid-19 and more), vaccine clinics, nutrition education and more!
  • Bill all services to each individual employee’s insurance, just like a “traditional” doctor’s office.

Customized clinical events. Anytime, anywhere.

Whether you are a business, school, church, charity organization, or an event-host, let us give you peace of mind for your group. Covid-19 and other diagnostic testing, vaccine clinics, sports physicals, wellness days and more tailored to your group’s needs.

  • Meet & Greet
  • Annual Physicals
  • Biometric Screenings (including BP, height, weight)
  • Nutrition Education
  • Adult Vaccine Clinic: Flu and COVID-19
  • Children’s Vaccine Clinic: Flu and COVID-19
  • Sports Physicals for Student Athletes
  • First Aid at any Event or Festival
  • Mental Health Education
  • COVID-19 Rapid Testing
  • COVID-19 PCR Testing

Healthy and Happy Employees.
Healthy Bottom Line.

Our top-rated providers work together to provide a holistic approach that focuses on preventive care and lifestyle medicine for both the mind and body. The result: You can radically improve your employees’ lives. And the benefit to your business? Promoting a culture of health and wellness improves employee productivity and retention, enables you to reach your business’s healthcare goals while lowering your total care costs – with the priceless benefit of healthy and happy employees.


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