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How It Works

Pick a Membership Plan

Whether needing healthcare that comes to your home, work or somewhere else around town for yourself or your loved ones, we have a flexible membership options to match your lifestyle.

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Schedule Your Appointment

Call or text your Health Concierge to schedule your appointment same day/next day, virtually telehealth connect with Care Team to assess your conditions and personal healthcare treatment plan.

Schedule Your Appointment

In-Person Home Visit

House calls are back! If your Care Team determines you need an in-person visit, we come to your home, work or anywhere around town to give you the healthcare you and your family need.

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Live your healthy life

The old “stress of going to the doctors” is banished from your life. You have a partner in your healthcare for life. Welcome to a world where healthcare revolves around you.

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FREE Unlimited Home Visits

As a member, you have a Mobile Care Team that comes directly to you. There’s no need totravel across town for an appointment, wait in a lobby or take time off work.

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Priority Booking & Same/Next Day Appointments

When you need an appointment, you get priority over non-members, whether you need the appointment same day or a day later in the week.

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Plus, 24/7 Virtual Telehealth

Access your locally-based Care Team and Medical Professionals that know you and your medical history anywhere from the world with complimentary 24/7 virtual telehealth.

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Concierge Service

Exclusive access to Ascend Medical’s 24/7 Health Concierge and Care Navigator teams that knows your complete health history and medical situation. They will help you book appointments, proactively coordinate care, monitor chronic problems, develop a formal calendared health plan, and get your prescriptions sent to a pharmacy near you or to your home, and more.

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