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Healthcare that comes to you

– at your home, work or anywhere around town.

Plus, 24/7 virtual telehealth

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Let us bring the doctor’s office to you

Primary Care

Primary Care

Mental Health

Mental Health Therapy


Pediatric Care

Urgent Care

Urgent Care


Our mobile team will meet you where you are – whether you’re at home, the office, or somewhere around town.


Ascend Medical Membership gives you access to your care team anywhere from the world with complimentary 24/7 teleheatlh including mental health therapists.


We work with your insurances just like a “traditional” doctor’s office, but we come to your home and offer all services that can be done in a physical office

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Tuesday May 3rd – Thursday 5th annual physicals

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Wednesday June 22nd

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Benefits Summary Guide & FAQ

What exactly is the Ascend Platinum membership?

Your membership grants premium access to all Ascend Medical services: primary care, urgent care, pediatrics, and mental health therapy. We deliver care to you and your family when and where you need it through our mobile van units, fully equipped for in-person care, paired with 24/7 access to telehealth. Now, you will never have to wait at a doctor’s office again.

Is the membership medical insurance?

No. Your membership gives you access to our primary care, mental health therapy, diet and nutrition, and pediatric medical care Providers.

How does insurance work with my membership?

Your insurance works the same as with other in-network medical Providers, including everything from regular check-ups to diagnostic testing, labs, vaccines, and more! The same guidelines and copays apply, but there is never additional cost for a mobile visit (nonmembers pay $59 additional per mobile visit).

Is there are monthly cost to me for the membership?

No. Your employer is covering the costs associated with providing the membership.

Are all my dependents also covered?

Yes, even if they do not have the same insurance or live at the same address as you, the employee.

How do I claim my membership and is there an ID card?

Your employer has provided your information to Ascend, which may or may not have included dependents. To activate your membership and add dependents, click the link on your welcome email.

Is there an annual limit to how many mobile visits my family can receive before there’s a mobile charge?

No! Your Ascend membership grants you unlimited mobile visits at no added cost. Whenever an Ascend provider determines in-person care is needed, we come to you!

What if I’m out of town and need medical assistance?

As a ONE Platinum member, you have 24/7 access to telehealth, wherever you may be. Remember for all health emergencies you should always seek local medical care.

How long is my membership active?

Provided your employer continues to offer the Ascend membership, it will renew at the same time as your annual healthcare benefits.

How can I make an appointment?

You can conveniently make appointments online at or call your Health Concierge representative at 1-888-71ASCEND.

Are you affiliated with other medical providers?

Yes, we’re proud to be affiliated with Beaumont Health.

Can I meet my Primary Care Provider before my first visit?

Yes! We will be onsite for a meet and greet and monthly going forward for prebooked Annual Wellness Visits.

This is great! Can I also get an Ascend Medical membership for non-dependent family and friends?

Absolutely! We offer individual and family membership, visit to learn more!

Where can I learn more about my membership?

ONE’s employee membership page can be reached at

Who do you contact with questions not covered here?

You can visit, or call your Health Concierge representative at 1-888-71ASCEND.