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Our Business Hours

Mon-Fri: 7am-7pm, Sat-Sun: 8am-3pm (EST)

If you are booking outside of our business hours we will hold your appointment slot and contact you as soon as we open next business day.

Please note, this step is required to ensure you are paired with the correct providers and appointment type to fit your needs. If we are unable to reach you after several attempts, we will have to remove the hold on our schedule for your selected appointment timeslot to accommodate other patients and might have to reschedule.

Thank you for trusting Ascend Medical with your care

Taking care of your physical and mental health no longer has to be a hassle. Once you experience Ascend, there is no going back to the old ways… say goodbye to wasting hours out of your busy schedule for doctor’s appointments. The home base for all of your health needs is here, and we make it easy every step of the way to put you first. We look forward to playing a part in your journey to help champion all of your health goals.