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Prescriptions with the Click
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Stay on your medication schedule, get the prescriptions you need filled, and save valuable time with delivery to your home or work for FREE. Our partnership with Capsule not only saves you time, but it also saves you money! Capsule automatically applies all available coupon and copay cards, so you can be confident you are getting the best price possible.

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  • Free same-day delivery to your preferred location
  • Coupons automatically applied to save money
  • Smart prescription refill reminders
  • Reduced risk of running out or missing doses
  • Call, text, or chat with Capsule pharmacy team anytime

Transfer to Capsule

Step 1: Complete a visit with your Ascend Medical Care Team

Get started by scheduling a virtual visit in as little as 15 minutes – never leaving the comfort of your home.

Book an Appointment

Step 2: Choose Capsule as your Pharmacy

Simply choose Capsule as your preferred pharmacy. Your provider will review your symptoms and condition, develop a treatment plan, and send your prescription directly to Capsule.

Capsule will then text you directly to schedule your medication delivery. Delivery is free, just pay your normal copay.

Step 3: Capsule Delivers

Capsule delivers your prescription to your door, so you have more time to focus on family or spend on that hobby you have time for.


Already have prescriptions? Move them to Capsule in seconds.

Transfer to Capsule

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